Etsy-preneur.  That has a nice ring.  Maybe the top peeps will do something with that?  I dunno.  

Welcome to my first blog post.  As of this first post, I've had 16 sales!  I was a little shocked when I saw on eRank that I had more sales than 62% of the shops on Etsy!  I'm sure since the cost of living increased after the pandemic, many people like myself needed something to supplement their incomes.  I came across a tiktok and the guy on it was saying that dropshipping business was sooo easy and good for those who don't want to put much effort into it.  I want to slap that guy now.  You know what though?  I found out that this has given me a new joi-de-vive!  Creating designs for my store is fun and I have a lot of fun coming up with ideas!  I found out that public domain images are free to use and there are lots of free images out there that are no longer copyrighted!  I have a few fans of my shirts, especially the public domain pictures.  One of the best pieces of advice that the big sellers give is to find a niche.  I'm still trying to find my niche.  Unfortunately, my brain tends to fly all over the map with creativity.  If you look at my logo, I used a mandala to show how I think.  I have an idea and I hone it in. Another idea and hone it in.  So on and so forth.  My actual mandala might look more like a kindergartener drew it but you get the idea.  

Well, it's time for bed so thanks for sticking around this far.